Fixing WordPress Permalinks issues after site migrationWhen you are using WordPress for the first time and installing and developing a new site to ultimately replace your existing one, it is important you understand how to change the url path for the WordPress installation when the site is complete. Usually, this is done within your control panel under "Applications". Depending on the web hosting company, there is usually a button called "change url path". The current path will reflect your current testing location and could be called something like "/newsite" etc. When the site is ready, you simply delete the files on the root directory (after making a back up, just in case!) and replace "/newsite" with "/" without the quotation marks. This will update your installation,images, posts and categories to the correct path.

However, sometimes the permalinks structure can be affected by this move. In order to correct this, simply access your permalinks options via your dashboard, turn them to another permalinks option, save the choice and then re-select the permalinks options. This normally solves any troublesome url paths that may not have been copied over correctly. If you had a custom logo that was included within the design, you may need to re-upload the logo also. Simply go to "Customise" from your dashboard and select the image from the media gallery or simply upload it again.

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